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Ready to embrace a life of clarity, focus, and achievement in your health, wealth, and happiness without the constant stress and overwhelm?

Meet The
Diversion Junkie!

Well done for taking action and discovering your procrastination type!


I’m about to guide you through the meaning and implications of this new discovery about yourself!

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You often find excuses to avoid group gatherings or team activities, fearing the spotlight might shift to you.

  • You could be seen as "mysterious" or "hard to read" by peers, as you rarely let your guard down or show your true emotions.

  • Your avoidance has made you master the art of blending into the background, making sure you're never the center of attention.

  • Feedback, even if constructive, feels like a personal attack, making you retreat further into your shell.

  • You might indulge in self-sabotage, giving up on tasks or opportunities before they even begin to avoid potential criticism or judgment.

  • You might have moments of clarity where you recognize your potential but are paralyzed by the fear of exposure, leading to a cycle of self-doubt and avoidance.

  • Conversations with you might feel superficial, as you avoid sharing personal details or delving deep into topics, fearing vulnerability.

  • Even in moments of achievement or success, you downplay your accomplishments, attributing them to luck or external factors, fearing that acknowledging them might draw too much attention or set high expectations.

  • You might have a history of unresolved conflicts, as you prefer ghosting or avoiding confrontation rather than addressing the issue.

  • You often feel trapped between wanting genuine connections and the fear of being truly seen, leading you to maintain surface-level relationships and avoiding deep emotional bonds.

Being a Diversion Junkie means you navigate the world with a heightened sensitivity to attention, avoiding the spotlight and often suppressing your true feelings and desires. You may frequently dodge opportunities and interactions due to a deep-seated fear of judgment, criticism, and vulnerability.


While your behavior may stem from past experiences of shame, rejection, or feelings of inadequacy, it's essential to recognize that this avoidance is a defense mechanism.


We understand that beneath the surface, you harbor a rich depth of emotions, insights, and potential. Embracing and confronting these feelings can be the key to unlocking a more authentic and fulfilling life.

"Procrastination is like a credit card; it's a lot of fun until you get the bill." - Joel Brown

At The AweBliss Academy, we have developed a specialized program and set of tools specifically designed to help you overcome these procrastination patterns in as little as 30 days. This will empower you to enhance your productivity, accomplish your goals, and build successful habits with like-minded individuals so you can unlock unprecedented levels of wealth, optimize your health, cultivate enriching relationships, and propel your business to new heights.


Click the button below for exclusive access at a 42% discount, available for a limited time.



Your procrastination type represents the subconscious set of patterns you've developed that dictate how you avoid tasks.


Individuals representing one of the six procrastination types often experience specific barriers and mental blocks, leaving them to face more complicated and perplexing challenges as adults in various aspects of life such as wealth, health, and relationships.

When you operate with a different set of patterns and expectations, it's easy for tasks and goals to become more confusing, defeating, and overwhelming than they need to be.


We present a transformative course tailored to guide you out of the cycles of avoidance and fear, empowering you to confront and overcome your feelings of inadequacy, and establish a life filled with confidence, purpose, and connection in areas like wealth, health, relationships, and business.

In just under an hour, you'll delve deep into your Diversion Junkie procrastination type, uncovering the 3 pivotal strategies essential for revitalizing any area of your life that's been hindered by the weight of avoidance and self-doubt.

Become part of the growing community of students who've shattered their chains of procrastination, paving the way for a boundless and vibrant life.




  • Constant avoidance means missed chances to invest, save, or capitalize on financial opportunities.

  • A tendency to avoid tasks or commitments can lead to irregular income streams, especially for freelancers or entrepreneurs.

  • Procrastinating on crucial financial decisions can lead to late fees, higher interest rates, or missed discounts.

  • Avoiding the reality of your financial situation means not setting budgets, leading to overspending and lack of savings.

  • Avoiding discussions about raises, promotions, or financial partnerships can stall financial growth.

  • A fear of confronting your financial reality might prevent you from seeking professional financial advice or help, potentially leading to uninformed decisions.

  • Avoiding communication with creditors or not addressing debts promptly can lead to larger debts due to accumulating interest.

  • To divert attention from your anxieties or to momentarily feel good, you might engage in unnecessary spending, which can quickly erode savings.

  • You may avoid long-term financial commitments like mortgages or investments out of fear, missing out on potential financial growth.



  • Avoiding medical check-ups or treatments can lead to undiagnosed or untreated health issues.

  • Constantly avoiding tasks and commitments can lead to chronic stress and anxiety, which are detrimental to mental and physical health.

  • Procrastinating on meal planning or grocery shopping can result in relying on unhealthy, processed foods.

  • Avoiding the commitment to a regular fitness routine can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, increasing the risk of various health issues.

  • Anxiety from unaddressed tasks and commitments can lead to insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns.

  • Avoiding therapy sessions or mental health treatments can exacerbate existing conditions or prevent early intervention.

  • To cope with feelings of inadequacy or stress, some may turn to alcohol, drugs, or other harmful substances.

  • Consistently avoiding social interactions can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression, impacting mental well-being.

  • The accumulation of tasks and responsibilities can lead to an overwhelming feeling, causing physical and emotional burnout.



  • You often avoid difficult conversations, leading to misunderstandings and building resentment in your relationship.

  • Your tendency to divert or avoid might cause you to hesitate in fully committing to a relationship, making your partner feel insecure.

  • By procrastinating on planning or attending significant events, you risk missing out on creating cherished memories together.

  • Your habit of "ghosting" or avoiding confrontations can breed distrust and uncertainty in your partner.

  • You tend to avoid vulnerability and deep emotional sharing, which keeps you and your partner from achieving true intimacy.

  • You frequently put off or change plans, leading to disappointment and frustration for both you and your partner.

  • Your consistent avoidance of responsibilities or communication can turn minor issues into major conflicts.

  • Your partner might feel undervalued or neglected due to your avoidance habits.

business pro.png


  • You often avoid networking events or meetings out of fear of attention, causing you to miss out on business or career advancement opportunities.

  • Your consistent avoidance of challenges or taking on new projects holds back your professional growth and development.

  • Your habit of procrastinating on vital tasks disrupts the workflow, causing delays and inefficiencies.

  • Your continuous avoidance of responsibilities can lead to increased workloads for your colleagues, fostering resentment and decreasing team morale.

  • By avoiding risks or new projects, you stifle the creativity and innovation in your business setting.

  • Consistently missing deadlines or avoiding essential tasks can make you a less valuable team member, threatening your job security.

  • Your tendency to avoid challenges makes it hard for you to take on and succeed in leadership roles where direct communication and decision-making are vital.


"I am so grateful"

"After doing this course I had a big breakthrough around my procrastination type and found a good structure around implementing 3 tasks a day. I’m someone who tries to do a million different things and I always have so many projects I say I am going to complete but I don’t. I am so grateful, so I have signed up to this Academy."


We have been featured on:

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Masterful Communicator: Elevate your communication game, becoming the person others admire for clarity and assertiveness, enhancing both personal and professional rapport.


Unshakable Direction: Command focus and clarity in every endeavor, making you the beacon others look up to when they seek purposeful action.


Bulletproof Against Rejection: Equip yourself with a mindset that not only shrugs off criticism but thrives on it, making you the unstoppable force in any room.


The Gold Standard of Reliability: Transform your reputation to one of unwavering dependability, becoming the go-to person everyone wants on their team.

Time's Master, Not Its Slave: Dictate your day with unparalleled time management skills, making others wonder how you accomplish so much with such grace.


Peak Productivity Machine: Outperform your past self, setting new benchmarks in efficiency that make you the envy of peers and superiors alike.


Magnet for Deep Connections: Evolve your interpersonal skills to foster meaningful relationships, becoming the person others deeply respect and want to bond with.


Confidence That's Contagious: Radiate a self-assuredness that not only propels you forward but inspires those around you to strive for greater heights.

If you join today you will get this course for 42% off!

Secure Your Success Now for Just $47! Yes, you read that right. A course that could redefine your life, usually priced at $97, is now available for only $47.

Your smart $47 investment doesn't just get you access to the "7 Days to Conquer Procrastination" course; It's your golden key to ALL of our 40+ premium courses.


Dive deep, explore, and elevate every facet of your life – wealth, health, relationships, and business, all for one incredible investment.


And if you're still on the fence we get it, and that’s why we offer a full 7-day free trial. Experience the transformation, see the results, and if you're not blown away by the massive breakthroughs, just cancel before the trial ends, and you won't pay a dime for the month.

This isn't just an offer. It's your opportunity, your chance. Grab it now!


"At first I was skeptical but..."

"Before joining AweBliss I was in such a bad place in my life. I was lost and confused, and getting nowhere in life. I enrolled in many personal development programs but something was still missing. I saw the procrastination workshops and at first I was skeptical but after making the leap and working through my patterns I am now successful emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

This high quality coaching and content will change your life! If you're sitting on the fence, I hand on heart tell you this program is what you need to get to the next level so you can achieve success, faster!

Haig Mouradian

 Why Is This Course So Effective In Such A Short Time?

The beauty lies in its concise design - it's just an hour long, making it incredibly manageable to complete within a week. Yet, packed into that hour is a powerhouse of insights and tools designed for rapid transformations across all aspects of your life.


Not to mention LIVE weekly calls for additional mentorship support.


Get ready for swift and significant breakthroughs!


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When you enroll today, you'll also unlock access to every course we offer at The AweBliss Academy with our All-Access Pass.

With this pass, you’ll uncover the hidden keys to understanding and reprogramming all the procrastination types, learning about their needs, and discovering what drives them to achieve in wealth, health, relationships, and business.

All of our transformative courses are available to you for one single price when you opt for the All-Access Pass, including the 'Conquer Your Procrastination as The Diversion Junkie 7-Day Transformation Course!

Moreover, you’ll gain access to live weekly webinars with me, where you can pose questions about your journey in wealth, health, relationships, and business while interacting with other like-minded individuals on their transformative paths.


These webinars are optional, serving as an extra layer of support should you need it!

You might be thinking why I'm offering this transformational course, along with numerous others and the weekly live webinars, for such an unbeatable investment.

It's simple; I’ve witnessed the transformative power of these strategies and I’m passionate about helping you overcome debilitating procrastination patterns, just as I have. I’m confident that once you experience the breakthroughs from your first course, you’ll be eager to delve into more, allowing me to assist you in diverse areas of your life.

Leverage the 'Conquer Your Procrastination as a Star Gazer' Program to Ignite Inner Growth, Fortify Connections, and Propel Success in Your Wealth, Health, Relationships, and Business!

"Procrastination is a glitch, and with a mind like yours, glitches are easily overridden. When you learn to command your focus you can rewrite your neural code." - Joel Brown

By understanding yourself and your unique roadmap to success in wealth, health, relationships, and business, everything will become crystal clear. What's more, this knowledge can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours that might otherwise be spent on ineffective strategies and wasting time addressing issues only after they've become deeply ingrained.

This course will also arm you with the insights to recognize the procrastination patterns in others, helping you to understand their motivations and challenges. For any collaboration or partnership to thrive, it's essential to grasp the underlying dynamics at play. If you're unaware of your own procrastination patterns, how can you effectively counter them? Grasping this can save you years of lost productivity, missed opportunities, and invaluable energy that could have been directed toward achieving your dreams and realizing your maximum potential.


Joel Brown.jpg


In case you're curious about who'll be leading you on this transformative journey, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Joel Brown, the force behind the immensely popular (The #1 Motivation website), which has garnered an astounding 347+ million views worldwide.


I specialize in Deep Transformational Coaching integrating NLP, Psych K, Neuro Change Methods, ACT therapy, CBT, Transactional Analysis, Sensory Engagement Training, and Somatic Coaching.

My influence extends to a robust social media presence, with more than 2.9 Million followers across all platforms.


My Self-Published Book “The Formula – The Secret Ingredients of Online Success” has captivated readers globally, with over 10,400+ copies sold.


I have been featured in three awe-inspiring Documentary films, including "WeRiseUP" alongside notable figures such as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, "Think & Grow Rich" with Bob Proctor and Grant Cardone, and "Age of The Entrepreneur" with Les Brown and Nicole Arbour.

My podcast, Addicted2Success, has over 5.2 million plays and downloads. On this platform, I've delved deep into conversations with icons such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Gary Vaynerchuk, and more.

I've been featured in publications like Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur magazine, celebrating my achievements and sharing my business insights.

On stages worldwide, I've shared insights and coaching strategies alongside industry leaders like Grant Cardone, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, and many more.

Having crafted a 7 figure coaching business over 14 years, I've garnered a deep understanding of the digital landscape and the intricacies of online businesses and how mindset transformation works. It's a journey I'm passionate about, and I'm dedicated to guiding others on this path.

Why am I doing this? Because I've been in the trenches, experienced the challenges, and have transformed my own patterns. With AweBliss Academy, I aim to share the culmination of my experiences, insights, and strategies to help you conquer your procrastination patterns, especially if you identify with "The Obsessive Idealist".

In just a short span, I've already empowered over 11,000+ people at events, retreats, masterminds, one-on-one and summits so they can become more focused and productive in life.


With techniques derived from this procrastination course, many have reported swift and substantial breakthroughs, often faster than they ever anticipated and I'm here to assure you that this transformation is possible for you too.


Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 10.55.26 am.png

"It's massive personal development"

"The workshops here are mind blowing. I used to struggle to be successful but after working with Joel and his coaches at AweBliss I have broken through the limitations.

This is massive personal development and this is just the beginning. Thanks so much Joel Brown. Love you brother! I’m now moving forward and taking action."

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 10.55_edited.j

"I have created a successful business"

"Thank you to all the coaches in each class. Because of the teachings in AweBliss I was able to step outside of my comfort zone, breakthrough my procrastination and turn my fear into fun. Instead of watching Netflix and doing nothing, now I have created a successful business and I am a full-time Entrepreneur."

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 10.55_edited.j

"Today I can see the bigger picture"

The conquer your procrastination tools were really helpful and as always Joel’s teachings and lessons are mind blowing and today I am able to see the bigger picture of my business.

It’s great that it’s making us dream and think more beyond what we have known and beyond the box have been in.

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 10.55.57 am.png

"The workshops were amazing"

The workshops were amazing. This Procrastinator Type re-patterning process is so insightful. Gratitude to you Joel Brown.




"Before discovering my procrastination type with AweBliss Academy, I was overwhelmed with numerous great ideas but struggled ia lot with execution. It felt like I was caught in a loop, constantly battling with my own mind, even though the desire to execute was strong.

But once I identified my procrastination type and learned the techniques to re-pattern these subconscious programs, the transformation was powerful. Not only did I gain incredible focus, clarity, and structure, but I also noticed a profound impact in all areas of my life.

My business productivity skyrocketed, and on a personal level, I experienced a newfound discipline. This course didn't just change my patterns – it reshaped my entire outlook on life.


Now, whenever I see those old patterns attempting to creep back in, I'm armed with the tools and mindset to approach them with solid clarity and confidence.


I'm immensely grateful to Joel Brown and the AweBliss Academy for this life-changing experience."

Still debating if this workshop can truly transform your procrastination patterns?

I understand, especially if you've tried multiple solutions with little to no success.


Enrolling in this workshop is a risk-free, 7 day trial that you can cancel anytime (no contracts).


If you find that the course or our academy isn’t the right fit, you can easily just cancel yourself in your logged in account within your first 7 days, no questions asked!

Untitled design (30).png

I Encourage You to Reflect Deeply:


1. How has overlooking this critical aspect kept you from reaching the pinnacle of success you rightfully deserve? Has mediocrity been your silent companion?


2. Consider the immense time and energy that procrastination has stolen from you. How has it affected your dreams, aspirations, and overall success?


3. Are you exhausted from the repetitive cycle of setting high standards, only to be paralyzed by the fear of not meeting them?


4. Do you often feel isolated, believing you're the only one battling these overwhelming thoughts of perfectionism and self-doubt?

Visualize for a moment: what if another year, or 3, or 5 — or even decades — slip by and you’re still stuck to these patterns?


Alternatively, by taking decisive action today, you could embark on a transformative journey, starting this very moment.


Remember, this workshop is designed to delve deep into your psyche, helping you heal old patterns and empowering you to break free from the shackles of perfectionism.


In under an hour, you will uncover 5 quick and easy actionable strategies to overcome The Diversion Junkie patterns that have held you back. This knowledge will not only skyrocket your productivity but will also enrich your wealth, health, relationships, and business ventures.


Isn't it time your actions matched your ambitions? Click the button below and step into a realm where excellence is the norm, not the exception.


Your Diversion Junkie procrastination pattern may have originated from an environment where expressing one's true emotions, desires, or opinions was met with disapproval, criticism, or even ridicule.

Growing up, you might have been conditioned to believe that blending in and not drawing attention to yourself was safer than standing out or voicing dissent. This could have been due to a family setting where conformity was valued over individuality, or in school and social situations where you might have faced bullying or were marginalized for being different.

Moreover, instances where you did muster the courage to speak up or take a stand might have been met with negative consequences, teaching you that avoidance was the better strategy. Over time, this strategy of diverting attention away from oneself and avoiding direct confrontation became a deeply ingrained defense mechanism, shielding you from potential emotional harm or rejection.

As a result, the act of sidestepping challenges, responsibilities, or direct communication became your norm, even if it meant missing out on opportunities or deepening connections. This cycle, when left unchecked, fosters the behavior patterns characteristic of a Diversion Junkie.



What we recommend is that you re-pattern your procrastination type now with our easy to follow step by step sub-conscious reprogramming system.


To help you get started with your transformation, below we have recommended some specific courses based on your results that’ll help you conquer your procrastination so you can reach your full potential financially, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Many of our students who have re-patterned their procrastination type within the first 30 days state they feel unstoppable.


So we’re sure if you put in the effort, the same is possible for you too.

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