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Master Coach from
The Think & Grow Rich Movie

What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?

It's Time To Stop Turning 3-Day endeavors into 3-month headaches...

GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS - Take this quiz and gain insights into the root causes of your perfectionism, fears and procrastination today!


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Conquer Your Procrastination


You. Have. A God. Given


Joel Brown

Founder of AweBliss

Hey, it’s Joel Brown, founder and CEO of AweBliss - the world's first rapidly-growing faith-based personal development platform.

If you're in this page then I know that your TOP PRIORITY is to win your life-long battle with procrastination permanently.

Unlike the willpower focused, scientific "yada yada", and so-called discipline building methods regarding procrastination...

What you're about to learn will FLY AGAINST THE FACE of everything you've heard about procrastination.

You're About To Discover A Life-Changing Revelation About Procrastination which Includes God in the picture but HAS NOTHING TO DO with being religious.

As a person of faith, have you ever wondered why do non-believers seem to be more blessed than you?

Most people of faith today think the Creator wants them poor because it keeps them away from temptations...

As someone who has been dedicating my life to both personal development and to God…

I have perspectives from both worlds - and I’ve found the answer to how you can finally co-create with your own creator.

And NO, it doesn’t involve being RELIGIOUS in any way shape or form.


You see, God created us in his own image - we have the same nature as God Almighty - he loves to create and so do we.

Have you noticed we all have the need to love, to grow, discover, build, explore, beautify, and so much more?

But what do you think happens when we stop expanding and innovating?

We become more depressed, stagnant, unhappy, and unfulfilled.


That's EXACTLY what happens when we keep LOSING OUR BATTLE against procrastination.

And by Discovering Your Procrastination Style, You'll Finally Be Able To Get Overcome Your Procrastination And Fulfill The God-Given Purpose

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