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Has Religion ROBBED You Too... of Your TRUE God Given Purpose?

REINTRODUCING God’s Original Human Design - God's proven Biblical blueprint that UNLOCKS a LIFE OF PURPOSE - brimming with fulfillment and direction for the rest of your life…

…even if you’re not a Christian,  never read the Bible, and even if you've tried DEEP personal development.

An AweBliss Exclusive Free Masterclass

God's Forgotten Path To Purpose

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Sunday | June 4, 2023
2:30PM - 3:30PM (PST, Los Angles)


Joel Brown

Co-Founder, AweBliss

They call themselves religious.


They dress decently.


And their attendance at church is perfect.


But what’s also perfect…

Is their ability to ridicule people who don’t “FIT THE MOLD.”


They STARVE to pin down anyone who isn't religious enough to be called a PERFECT CHRISTIAN EXAMPLE.



But they’re world-class at gossiping about the mistakes of other people, backbiting left and right like there’s no tomorrow.

If man-made religion was so great…

Then why is it ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE today
to identify people who ha
ve religion
from the people w
ho don’t?


Isn’t it ironic how we’re feeling THE MOST amount of judgment, and closemindedness…


Coming from “religious” people who CLAIM to preach love and forgiveness?


That doesn’t sound like something that Jesus created - he’s not the author of toxic gossip and hurtful backbiting.

14: "And no marvel; for Satan himself is
transformed into an angel of light


15: Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end
shall be according to their works.


2 Corinthians 11:14-15


It’s no wonder why so many people are back-sliding to their OWN WAY of building a real relationship with God.

Just think about this for a quick moment:

If man-made religion was so great....

Then why is going to the CHURCH for helpthe last thing that comes to mind after you’ve done EVEN A LITTLE BIT of personal development?


And even more than that...

Then why is it becoming A NO BRAINER for so many to INVEST thousands of dollars in man-made personal development...

When people could just go to their spiritual leaders for advice in l
ife... FOR FREE?


If religion was truly the "END ALL BE ALL", then why are we heading down the complete opposite path?

Because we’re all tired of hearing the exact same 2-4 verses being repeated OVER and OVER and OVER again.


We’re tired of just hearing chores of WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO.


We’re tired of seeing corruption happening in religious LEADERSHIP...


Which we all BELIEVED when we were kids, was the only place on earth where we expect it to never happen. 🤦


Sure, sometimes, you do get uplifted with sermons and a few inspirational stories once a month or so.

But the fact that it’s been years, and you still feel stagnant, directionless, and lost in your life is SAYING SOMETHING.


You’ve now reached a crossroads in your life.


And you’re now searching for peace and answers for your purpose - Your GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE!


If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because in a few moments from now...

I'll show you why God's Original Human Design never fails to EFFORTLESSLY lead anyone to a life BRIMMING with fulfillment, and direction... for the rest of your life

For the first time ever...


Your happiness and fulfillment in life will NEVER depend on how much money you see in your bank account.

But at the same time, you'll have meaningful AND PROFITABLE opportunities that EXCITE you to your core.

You'll stop CHASING the wrong things in life with a brand-new, eye-opening revelation that didn't come from man.

But instead...


It's an ANSWER that comes from the ONLY BEING that can truly fill the emptiness that we're so all scared to admit to ourselves for years.

In a few moments from now, you’re going to discover…

  • The saddest truth about MAN-MADE religion and why it has FAILED to give you the answers you’re looking for…

  • How 14 years of me doing DEEP personal development PROVED that having more in this world doesn’t bring lasting happiness...

  • How I discovered that ANYTHING MAN-MADE cannot bring us to a life brimming with fulfillment, purpose, happiness, and direction.

    And most importantly…


  • You’re going to discover how God’s Original Human Design effortlessly leads anyone to a life of God-given purpose… almost automatically!


Think about this with me for a moment...


Aren't you tired of hearing the EXACT SAME 3 - 4 Bible verses get repeated over and over to all the problems you face in life?


The sad truth is that man-made religion has FOCUSED ONLY on making us "LOOK RELIGIOUS" on the outside.

Religious person.png

But you and I are different.


We don’t just want to KNOW ABOUT GOD, we want to KNOW GOD.

And more importantly, we want to know WHY we’re here on this earth - we want more than just a few bible verses.

We want something so much more than just going to church every Sunday...

And we're tired of BLINDLY giving our money to the church in our desperate attempt to "compensate for our sins" and to "PROVE how faithful we are."

But because we found religion to be way too shallow, lacking so much depth and applicable advice…


We look to man-made personal development instead!

Tony Robbins Event.jpeg

\I admit... for 14 years, I thought PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT had the answers that I could never find in man-made religion.

It took me 14 years to find out that it was nothing more but an endless cycle of JUST HAVING MORE from this temporary life.

Look around you, what do you see in the personal development world?


People who "NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS" working as hard as they can to have more from THIS temporary life.


📈 MORE discipline and "self-confidence"

📈 MORE accolades and higher achievements…

📈 MORE money and better businesses…

📈 MORE friends and a bigger network…

📈 MORE fame and respect…

📈 MORE freedom in this life.

It doesn't take long until they start noticing the UNEXPLAINABLE EMPTINESS again - which they thought having MORE in this life could fill.

Even worse, they have no idea why, but the EMPTINESS is growing by the week, by the month, and by the year.

Sure, they might have more confidence...

They might have more self-awareness...

They might have become better communicators...

But deep inside them - they still felt directionless, empty, and lost.

"I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind."

King Solomon on Ecclesiastes 1:14\

At the end of the day...


All that personal development did was help you create an IDEALIZED PERFECT LIFE on the outside.


All you really learn is to NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS.

But under the smiles that people try to wear in front of everybody , is an unexplainable void that you just can’t fill by:


❌ having MORE money…

❌ having MORE achievements…

❌ having MORE friends and opportunities….

❌ And having MORE freedom in your life.

The good news is there is A CURE TO THE EMPTINESS that you've been feeling for so many years now.

And no, I'm not the INVENTOR of this cure.

I will SIMPLY be the one who RE-INTRODUCES it to you.


Unlike every single method, approach, strategy, principle, and framework that you may have come across...


This cure FLIES AGAINST EVERYTHING that personal-development says.


And at the same time, it also UNCOVERS so much more truth than the shallow verses that you hear from man-made religion.


This is a CURE that comes from GOD.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-20 at 5.10.30 AM.jpeg

Hi, my name is Joel Brown,  and as I've just said earlier...


After 14 long years of being at the top of the personal development world - I STILL felt EMPTY deep down inside for a very long time.

And that was TRUE despite how I was having a “great life” on the outside.

✅ I was making a lot of money…
✅ I was regarded as a world-class master coach…
✅ I touched the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world…
✅ And I connected with the GREATEST human minds on the planet.

People like Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, Jim Kwik, and many more.


I was speaking on the world’s BIGGEST stages to “inspire” and “motivate” people who wanted more out of their lives.


I was living the “perfect dream life” that anyone would trade places with in a heartbeat.

But somewhere deep inside my heart was a GOD-SHAPED void that I didn't know, only he could fill.


Of course, going to man-made religion was the last thing that came to my mind.


After hearing the exact same verses being repeated OVER and OVER again by people who claim to preach LOVE and INCLUSIVENESS…


But become world-class lawyers when you don’t fit the “mold” of what a perfect Christian would do….

But even after 14.7 years of being at the TOP of the personal development world, I STILL found myself feeling empty, lost, and directionless on the inside.

Joel Brown 2.jpg

I would wake up to a breathtaking view of the sea every morning inside a cozy and luxurious VILLA...

I would then wake up to notifications of multiple clients making hitting $20,000 months and more...

My messages were filled with texts inviting me to speak on STAGES with other great minds in the personal development world...

But I was still clueless about what God truly wanted me to do in this world.

It felt like I just beat a decade-long computer game with nothing else to do.

I was at a weird crossroads in my life and I just had to ask myself...

"Is this ALL there is to life?"

You see, if you’re like me then we already know that HAVING MORE from this world doesn’t bring us happiness and purpose.


The best it can only do is give a fleeting feeling of pride, ego, and achievement.


But that fades away quicker than an ice cream melting on a hot summer day.


If you’re like me, then you want to live a life that’s just more than just checking “THE TICKBOXES of life...”

You want to live a life of PURPOSE & DIRECTION, brimming with fulfillment, boundless energy, & direction…

for the rest of your life!

Joel Brown Talking.png

You'd be surprised that GOD has a guaranteed method, proven in scripture, and tested in real-life!

The two most important days of our lives are...

1. The day we were born, and...

2. The day we REALIZE WHY.

I'm here to tell you, that it's SOMETHING GREATER than anything you can humanly imagine.

God is a creator - and he creates WITH purpose!


He created the universe for a reason, every plant, every planet, every animal, and every event in HISTORY has a purpose.


But in this marvelous creation that you see...


There is ONLY ONE BEING that he created in his own image - YOU!

And there is a purpose for that.

There is something great, and unimaginably exciting and unfulfilling on the other side if you TRULY uncover what God's purpose is for you!

There is a "WRITTEN CODE" that he already had for you the moment he breathed life into you, on this VERY PRESENT DAY!

When you discover what that written code, or what that purpose is that God has truly planned for you...

You’ll finally be living a life of so much fulfillment and excitement every single day you’ll forget what it feels like to be “EMPTY INSIDE.”


You want to live a life where your HAPPINESS doesn’t rely on how many numbers you can find in your bank accounts.


Just imagine waking up every single day calm, grounded, and inspired knowing EXACTLY what you should be doing!

Joel 2.jpeg
Joel 3.jpeg

Now that might sound like a bold promise.


And if any man dare make claims like these, you’d think that he would be out of his mind!


You’re right!

Anything man-made cannot give us fulfillment, happiness, and direction in our lives whether that’s RELIGION and even

I'm here to tell you...

That God’s Original Human Design is COMPLETELY different, because it ISN’T made by man that's why it NEVER FAILS!

Jesus in LIGHT.png

And it IS the only thing you NEED TO FOLLOW if you want to start living a life of purpose starting today.


It is God’s (not man’s) simple framework for living a life of purpose.


Follow it, and you will have so much conviction and direction in your life you’ll forget what it’s like to feel empty.

S7 S8.png

Look around you, do you see HAPPINESS or PAIN?

The world today is tumbling down the WRONG path.


That’s why there’s no better time than NOW to reveal the truth that has been buried by today’s society.


Kids are growing up to become more rebellious against their parents…


Look around us, evil, chaos, and havoc is spreading across the world.


Republicans vs Democrats…


Mom vs Dad...


Russia vs Ukraine…

Riots in the USA.jpeg
Russia vs Ukraine.webp

Sam Smith's controversial performance at the Grammys is normalizing the worship of the devil.

Sam Smith.png
sam smith.webp

Today, a 13-year-old has more access to pornography in just ONE CLICK of a button than it ever was in history.


The New-Age practices are rapidly growing…

It’s grabbed the interest of MORE people in the last 3 years than man-made religion ever did in the last 15 years.

New age.jpeg
spirit world.jpeg

Personal development methods FOCUSING on “self” is rapidly leading so many people down the wrong path.


This is why I must take a stand, fight back, and fight for God.

Only God's TRUTH can set us free.


It’s time to reveal the powerful truth of God which wasn’t just meant for Christians but for the entire human race.


And I’ll do it in an eye opening-masterclass that’s happening on:

Sunday | June 4, 2023
2:30PM - 3:30PM (PST, Los Angles)


Even better, I’m inviting you to join this masterclass - FOR FREE!

An AweBliss Exclusive Free Masterclass

God's Forgotten Path To Purpose

.Secure Your Spot Now!.

In an eye-opening masterclass, I will SHOW YOU step-by-step... 

How God's Original Human Design will unlock Your God-Given Purpose - which will lead you to a life brimming with passion and fulfillment without fail.

I have prepared a masterclass called God's Forgotten Path to Purpose.


In this 65-minute masterclass…


We will uncover your God-given purpose by piggybacking on him and his Original Human Design so that you FOREVER FREE yourself from a directionless and empty life where you feel lost.


In 65 action-packed minutes…


You will discover the Original Human Design.


It is  God’s forgotten framework for co-creating with him, and how it IS THE ONLY way we can live a LIFE OF PURPOSE - brimming with passion, fulfillment, and direction for the rest of your life…


…even if you’re not a Christian, religious, never prayed in your life, or have never even read a single verse in the Bible.


I’ve been following the ORIGINAL HUMAN DESIGN and I’ve only shared it with people who closely work with me.


But today, I’m revealing how it has a 100% success rate if you follow it every single day of your life!

In the masterclass, I will show you God’s Forgotten Path to Purpose, the only WAY to a life brimming with fulfillment, direction, and purpose!


And here’s what we’ll cover specifically…


Sunday | June 4, 2023
2:30PM - 3:30PM (PST, Los Angles)

REVEALED: The Forgotten Path To Purpose & God’s Original Human Design


In this part of the masterclass…


I will reveal to you WHY we were originally created by God, and WHO the real ENEMY is - that caused us to separate from him and even forget the purpose that he has originally planned out for us.


Specifically speaking, I will:

  • Reveal THE SEPARATOR that drove us away from God’s purpose.

  • Align You With Your TRUE God-Given Purpose

  • Show you how to Play on God’s INFINITE GAME

WORKSHOP: The First Steps to Living a Life of God-Given Purpose


In this part of the masterclass…


I will stop doing all the talking, but instead - I’ll host a powerful workshop where you will figure out the exact steps of how you can go from where you are in life - to living a life of purpose.


Specifically speaking, we will:

  • Explore what you are currently GOOD at.

  • Identify what you LOVE.

  • Map out the SOLUTION that you bring to the world.

    and most importantly…


  • GET CLARITY on how you can monetize with God’s big stamp of approval - even if you’re not religious.


  • The 90-Day Co-Creation Game Plan

    In this part of the process, we are going to cover WHAT you should be doing in the next 90-days while


    • An implementation-focused, 3-month game plan to be hyper-focused, more directed, and build unbreakable momentum with God!

    • Integrate the Original Human Design in your decision-making and strategic approach to create powerful momentum!

And at the end of the call, I'll reward you with a RARE opportunity to get personal mentorship from me EVERY WEEK while being a part of a STRONG FAITH-BASED MASTERMIND.

And no, I’m not just going to become another personal development mentor that’s going to download more info into your brain.


I won’t just HOLD SPACE for you throughout your journey, but I WILL BE IN IT so we can create powerful transformations!


The ultimate goal isn’t really personal development, the ultimate goal is to keep you aligned within the ORIGINAL HUMAN DESIGN of God.


But no, we’re not going to do that by just memorizing even more verses from the Bible.


But instead, we’ll do all this by building a real relationship with God by knowing him even more instead of KNOWING MORE ABOUT HIM.


It has nothing to do with being more religious, and it isn’t just a place for die-hard Christians.


God’s love isn’t just for religious Christians, but for every single one who has a desire to fulfill his purpose!


This isn’t just a masterclass, this is a CALLING for you to TAKE A STAND against a world filled with lies and so much deception.


Only the truth can set us free, not man’s truth, but God’s truth.


So if that’s something that you’re looking to become a part of…


Click the button below and plug your email to become part of this masterclass!

An AweBliss Exclusive Free Masterclass

God's Forgotten Path To Purpose

.Secure Your Spot Now!.

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