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No More Procrastination

If You've Ever Felt Frustrated, Stuck, or Simply Overwhelmed by Procrastination, This Masterclass Will Change Everything!

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Joel Brown

Master Coach, Speaker

+ Founder of AweBliss

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Thursday, 26th October

4pm - 5pm US PST

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Access Worldwide for FREE

 What You Will Learn On This FREE LIVE Masterclass 

Master Your Mind's Hidden Traps

Learn the real reasons your mind defaults to procrastination and how to break free so you can start tasks and projects with drive and stay consistent everytime.

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Conquer Stress, Self Frustration & Guilt

Move beyond self-blame. Imagine a life where stress is a thing of the past, and career, health, and finances thrive. That's what you'll command post this masterclass.

Unlock Your Money & Career Mental Blocks

Discover how every moment you procrastinate is costing you financial growth – and how to stop the leaks NOW.

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Why This MASTERCLASS Is Different

Personalized Insights: We don't offer generic advice. Drawing from poll data and extensive research, we provide strategies tailored to specific procrastination profiles.

Actionable Strategies: This isn't just about understanding your procrastination; it's about overcoming it. You'll leave with actionable steps to implement immediately.

Community & Support: You're not alone on this journey. Connect with fellow attendees, share your challenges, and build a supportive network to keep you accountable.


 Register for this FREE LIVE Masterclass below! 


"I am so grateful"

"After working with Joel I had a big breakthrough around my procrastination type and found a good structure around implementing 3 tasks a day. I’m someone who tries to do a million different things and I always have so many projects I say I am going to complete but I don’t. I am so grateful, so I have signed up to his AweBliss Academy."


Who This Is For?

  • Professionals aiming for career growth but feeling held back.

  • Entrepreneurs struggling to turn their visionary ideas into consistent action.

  • Students facing challenges in maintaining consistency in their studies.

  • Anyone who's tired of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and simply stuck due to procrastination.


 Register for this FREE LIVE Masterclass below! 

Are you tired of feeling stressed and frustrated with yourself?


A staggering 43.5% of the individuals we polled believe that people procrastinate because of laziness.


But that's a myth we're here to debunk.


Procrastination isn't about a lack of willpower or discipline. It's a deeper challenge, rooted in your subconscious.

When you view your procrastination behavior as a personal flaw or weakness, this self-blaming perspective can be damaging to self-esteem and only reinforces the cycle of procrastination.

The truth is that 92% of people don't achieve their goals.

This is because of Procrastination.

When you join us for this LIVE FREE Masterclass, you're going to learn how to be in the Top 8% in the world!

"Procrastination is like a credit card; it's a lot of fun until you get the bill." - Joel Brown

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"I have created a successful business"

"Thank you to all the coaches in each class. Because of the teachings in AweBliss I was able to step outside of my comfort zone, breakthrough my procrastination and turn my fear into fun. Instead of watching Netflix and doing nothing, now I have created a successful business and I am a full-time Entrepreneur."


Your Journey From Frustration to Fulfillment Begins Here!

Stop letting procrastination define your story. It's time to move beyond the misconceptions, the self-doubt, and the inconsistent efforts.


With the "No More Procrastination" Masterclass, you're not just learning about procrastination; you're conquering it.

 Register for this FREE LIVE Masterclass below! 


Our Success Stories

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"Today I can see the bigger picture"

The tools were really helpful and as always Joel’s teachings and lessons are mind blowing and today I am able to see the bigger picture of my business.

It’s great that it’s making us dream and think more beyond what we have known and beyond the box we may be in.




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