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Unlock the Secrets to Your Untapped Potential

Overcome Procrastination and Achieve More Success with us at the AweBliss Academy!


Are you tired of feeling frustrated with yourself?


A staggering 43.5% of the individuals we polled believe that people procrastinate because of laziness.


But that's a myth we're here to debunk.


Procrastination isn't about a lack of willpower or discipline. It's a deeper challenge, rooted in your subconscious.

When you view your procrastination behavior as a personal flaw or weakness, this self-blaming perspective can be damaging to self-esteem and only reinforces the cycle of procrastination.

"Procrastination is like a credit card; it's a lot of fun until you get the bill." - Joel Brown

At The AweBliss Academy, we have developed a specialized program and set of tools specifically designed to help you overcome these procrastination patterns in as little as 30 days. This will empower you to enhance your productivity, accomplish your goals, and build successful habits with like-minded individuals so you can unlock unprecedented levels of wealth, optimize your health, cultivate enriching relationships, and propel your business to new heights.


Choose a plan at the top of this page for exclusive access at a 42% discount on the 12 month option, available for a limited time.

Why AweBliss Academy is Your Ultimate Solution

  • Personalized Coaching and Mentorship: Our tailored sessions help you confront and understand the reasons behind your procrastination.

  • Accountability Groups: Engage with peers who share your journey. Together, you'll find motivation and support to consistently move forward.

  • Expert Content: Benefit from a range of resources, from webinars to workshops, all designed to target and tackle your procrastination patterns.


"I am so grateful"

"After doing this course I had a big breakthrough around my procrastination type and found a good structure around implementing 3 tasks a day. I’m someone who tries to do a million different things and I always have so many projects I say I am going to complete but I don’t. I am so grateful, so I have signed up to this Academy."


We have been featured on:

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Master Efficiency: More accomplishments, less time. Imagine impressing peers with your newfound productivity and becoming the envy of the boardroom.


Bulletproof Confidence: Dive deep into understanding what’s been holding you back. Then, obliterate those barriers. Skyrocket your self-esteem, and watch as others gravitate towards your newfound charisma and confidence.


Money-Making Decisions: Decode the patterns that've been sabotaging your wealth. Learn to make decisions that line your pockets. Your bank account will thank you.


Relationship Mastery: Understand your intrinsic relationship desires and fears. Become the partner everyone wishes they had. Elevate your connections to levels you never thought possible.

Business & Career Amplification: Your strategies to ascend the corporate ladder or boost your own business. Become the name everyone's talking about. Be the success story.


The Ultimate Health Optimization: Discover how your patterns affect your unique well-being. Transform your daily routine to optimize your health and vitality, becoming the epitome of a life well-lived.


Effortless Communication Tactics: Be the individual everyone wants on their team. Influence, persuade, and captivate. Your voice becomes the one that matters.


Procrastination Transformation Tools: Acquire specific, easy-to-apply tools to recognize and counteract your procrastination patterns quickly, giving you the freedom to trust in your capabilities, manage your time like a pro, and achieve more with less stress.

If you join today you will get this course for 42% off!

Secure Your Success Now for Just $47! Yes, you read that right. A course that could redefine your life, usually priced at $97, is now available for only $47.

Your smart $47 investment doesn't just get you access to the "7 Days to Conquer Procrastination" course; It's your golden key to ALL of our 40+ premium courses.


Dive deep, explore, and elevate every facet of your life – wealth, health, relationships, and business, all for one incredible investment.


And if you're still on the fence we get it, and that’s why we offer a full 7-day free trial. Experience the transformation, see the results, and if you're not blown away by the massive breakthroughs, just cancel before the trial ends, and you won't pay a dime for the month.

This isn't just an offer. It's your opportunity, your chance. Grab it now!


"At first I was skeptical but..."

"Before joining AweBliss I was in such a bad place in my life. I was lost and confused, and getting nowhere in life. I enrolled in many personal development programs but something was still missing. I saw the procrastination workshops and at first I was skeptical but after making the leap and working through my patterns I am now successful emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

This high quality coaching and content will change your life! If you're sitting on the fence, I hand on heart tell you this program is what you need to get to the next level so you can achieve success, faster!

Haig Mouradian

 Why Is This Course So Effective In Such A Short Time?

The beauty lies in its concise design - it's just an hour long, making it incredibly manageable to complete within a week. Yet, packed into that hour is a powerhouse of insights and tools designed for rapid transformations across all aspects of your life.


Not to mention LIVE weekly calls for additional mentorship support.


Get ready for swift and significant breakthroughs!

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 10.55_edited.j

"I have created a successful business"

"Thank you to all the coaches in each class. Because of the teachings in AweBliss I was able to step outside of my comfort zone, breakthrough my procrastination and turn my fear into fun. Instead of watching Netflix and doing nothing, now I have created a successful business and I am a full-time Entrepreneur."



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When you enroll today, you'll also unlock access to every course we offer at The AweBliss Academy with our All-Access Pass.

With this pass, you’ll uncover the hidden keys to understanding and reprogramming all the procrastination types, learning about their needs, and discovering what drives them to achieve in wealth, health, relationships, and business.

All of our transformative courses are available to you for one single investment when you opt for the All-Access Pass, including the 'Conquer Your Procrastination' 7-Day Transformation Course!

Moreover, you’ll gain access to live weekly webinars with me, where you can pose questions about your journey in wealth, health, relationships, and business while interacting with other like-minded individuals on their transformative paths.


These webinars are optional, serving as an extra layer of support should you need it!

You might be thinking why I'm offering this transformational course, along with numerous others and the weekly live webinars, for such an unbeatable investment.

It's simple; I’ve witnessed the transformative power of these strategies and I’m passionate about helping you overcome debilitating procrastination patterns, just as I have. I’m confident that once you experience the breakthroughs from your first course, you’ll be eager to delve into more, allowing me to assist you in diverse areas of your life.

Leverage the 'Conquer Your Procrastination' Program to Ignite Inner Growth, Fortify Connections, and Propel Success in Your Wealth, Health, Relationships, and Business!


Our Success Stories

Phoebecates Perez.png


"Today I can see the bigger picture"

The tools were really helpful and as always Joel’s teachings and lessons are mind blowing and today I am able to see the bigger picture of my business.

It’s great that it’s making us dream and think more beyond what we have known and beyond the box we may be in.




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