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What's Your Biblical Personality Type?

Answer This Quiz To GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS To an In-Depth Analysis That Reveals the Spiritual Blueprint of Your Personality!


You. Have. A God. Given


Joel Brown

Co-Founder, AweBliss

Hey, it’s Joel Brown, co-founder of - a faith based training platform aimed at helping you cultivate a deeper connection with God through the timeless wisdom of Biblical principles for personal and spiritual development.

If you've arrived at this page, I can sense your YEARNING to strengthen your relationship with God, and understand His plan and purpose for your life.

Unlike many self-focused spiritual journeys or disconnected religious practices...

This quiz offers a DIVINE PATHWAY TO SELF-DISCOVERY, guided by the eternal principles and exemplary characters of the Bible.

You're About To Embark On A Revelation Into Your Biblical Personality Type, aligning yourself with God's wisdom, and drawing inspiration from the lives of biblical legends.

Have you ever felt a longing to understand how God's Word applies to you personally? Have you desired to walk in the footsteps of those who faithfully followed God?

Many people think that spiritual growth is about rituals, rules, or self-improvement...

But as someone who has dedicated my life to drawing closer to God and understanding His plan for each one of us...

I invite you to explore a richer connection with your Creator through the lens of Biblical personalities.

And NO, this isn't about self-glorification or mere religious conformity.

You see, the Bible is filled with individuals who displayed unique qualities, faced challenges, triumphed, failed, and still found grace in God's eyes.

Each one of them has a story to tell, a lesson to impart, a path to walk – much like your own journey with God.

By Discovering Your Biblical Personality Type, You'll Connect With God's Word in a Personal and Profound Way, Gain Insights Into His Plans, and Reflect on How He Has Been Guiding You.

This is not just another quiz; it's an invitation to walk closer with God, understand His work in your life, and be inspired by the heroes and heroines of faith.

Don't let this opportunity pass by.

Answer This Quiz Now and EMBRACE THE SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION That Awaits You Through a Deeper Connection with God's Word and His People!

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