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ô′səm | adjective

Inspiring awe | Expressing awe | Remarkable; outstanding


blĭs | noun

Extreme happiness and harmony | To experience joy in a heavenly state | Blitheness; gladness; lightness of heart

AweBliss is a platform designed for you and our community where you will learn how to step into your God given AWEsome potential and how to live a BLISSfilled life.


We feature some of the world’s top Practical and Faith based coaches, authors and speakers to share their personal and spiritual growth strategies with you.


There are 8 main categories to life that give us direction and structure and the core template of AweBliss is to bring the best teachings possible to you within these 8 categories, all while bringing us back to the core Truth of God’s original design in Creation and Nature that we get to connect with and create with through him.


Master Coach, Speaker and Co-Founder of AweBliss

The world is layered in lies and templates of control and we have lost our way in this world forgetting what God’s original design is for us.

In AweBliss we invite you to experience your personal growth and growth with our creator in a powerful way to achieve more of your God given mission while you’re here on Earth.


This is a call for you to expand upon your knowledge, wisdom and skills to live out a life of deep meaning and purpose.


When you live in your greatness and co-create with God you are Awesome and fulfilled in your mission in life.


The world needs new leaders that will stand for Truth, Love and Liberty. AweBliss is where you learn the ropes to create a ripple effect with that.

Joel Brown



Young people are being trafficked from Nepal into India in higher numbers than ever seen before. Girls are not the only targets for traffickers, both male and female children are being trafficked for different and disturbing reasons! … Females are trafficked for Sex Slavery and Males for Body Parts, among other things.

So we have partnered with “3 Angels Nepal” and our aim is to stop human trafficking altogether and give every child in Nepal an education and a right to a future. The majority of rescued people are reunited with their families, where the family and community are educated on human trafficking.

Every donation through your commitment to being part of the AweBliss tribe helps “3 Angels Nepal” to fight against human trafficking, at all levels, including rescue, rehabilitation and education.

We don’t simply rescue. We aim to change our society so that rescue is no longer needed!


We share God’s love in practical ways and focus on the causes of poverty and child abandonment.

The most powerful tool is education in many forms at every level of society.

Our Team

Our AweBliss team unequivocally believes that we get to live an impactful life while we are here on Earth and we see a vision for more people to create in their highest potential by committing to their growth and their God given purpose.

Meet our team of passionate leaders and creatives below that pull this all together so we can spread this AweBliss movement worldwide.





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